Endsleigh Car Insurance

Endsleigh car insurance focuses on career people providing car insurance and other services while they are students and continuing as their careers develop and mature. Endsleigh car insurance are an intermediary, providing insurance through a number of long standing partnerships that have been developed over the years. Endsleigh car insurance 1000 employee team aims to exceed the expectations of their customers for service, price and coverage.

Endsleigh car insurance have recently reduced their car insurance rates and they aim to provide you with a quote in under one minute. Endsleigh car insurance also run contests from time to time such as draws for signing up for car insurance by a specified date. Visit their web site often to view the current contests that are being run.


Customers can receive online quotes or they can arrange for an agent of Endsleigh to call and address any questions you may have as well as help you with your quotation and car insurance coverage. Once you receive a quote from Endsleigh car insurance , you can always retrieve it at a later date to make changes or activate the car insurance package you have been offered. If you do make changes from the original quote, the quoted coverage and premiums may also change as well.

Endsleigh car insurance has an interesting feature on their web site. Customers will be able to estimate the cost of operating their car on a monthly basis using a calculator tool they provide. Enter some basic information such as monthly loan cost, type of car, mileage you drive etc and the program will provide you with an estimate of the cost to operate your car on a monthly basis. This figure also includes the cost of the car insurance as well.

Endsleigh car insurance provides all of the standard car insurance packages that most people require and you can specify your needs as you fill in the application for a quote.

The company was founded in 1965 to provide insurance and other services to professional groups. Endsleigh car insurance has since expanded further and provides car insurance and other financial services to an ever expending group of professionals.

Main address : ( see website for branch locator service)

Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd.
Shurdington Road
GL51 4UE

Contact Number: 0800 028 3571

Mon-Fri : 8am-9pm

Sat : 8am-8pm, Sun : 10am-4pm



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