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Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  specializes in providing cheap car insurance quotes to UK residents who fit the criteria they list on their web site. Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  keep their overhead low and are able to offer cheap car insurance over the Internet as a result.

Customers applying for car insurance with Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  must be a UK resident, aged between 17 and 79 years of age and the car that you wish to insure must be a privately owned car. If you have already received a quote you can retrieve it to view it or to proceed with purchasing the car insurance.


Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  uses a number of insurance companies to provided the cheapest car insurance they can find in the UK for their customers. Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  has a key facts document which spells out in detail the motor insurance cover they offer, the optional car insurance covers, exclusions and cancellation policies. Customers should review this document in detail to fully understand the insurance cover they will receive. Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  can review the key facts document online or download it to their PC for printing and review off line. They will need Adobe Acrobat to review the document.

The Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  web site provides great information on their web site to assist you with your purchase of car insurance in the UK. Elephant.co.uk Car Insurance  have a large FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to address all of your questions as well as a jargon buster section that will explain some of the definitions that may confuse a lot of people. Of course if you still have questions, feel free to call then on the free phone line to have all of your questions addressed. Customers can also pay for their car insurance over the phone when they are online with one of Elephant.co.uk ‘s Car Insurance  agents.


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