Ecclesiastical Car Insurance

Ecclesiastical car insurance offers a wide range of car insurance cover and many benefits that they include as standard. A full copy of the policy document is available on the Ecclesiastical car insurance web site and you will be sent a copy of this document once you purchase car insurance from Ecclesiastical car insurance.

Services such as accident recovery and help lines are provided as well as free legal advice and a 24 hour legal help line for customers that are not just car related. Breakdown cover, nil excess for fire and theft, overseas medial expenses and other benefits are some of the additional car insurance coverage that customers of Ecclesiastical car insurance can consider.


Some customers will be eligible for discounts if they qualify. Areas such as restricted driving, multiple vehicles, clergy, age of car and no claims discounts are some of the areas that they will consider providing discounts for. Customers with no claims for the past 5 years could be eligible for up to 65% discount from Ecclesiastical car insurance!

All insurance companies have exclusions and so does Ecclesiastical car insurance . You should read these carefully to understand what the impacts might be. For example one of the exclusions is that if your car is stolen and your keys were in the ignition, you may find that you are not covered for the theft of you car. There are other exclusions as well which every driver should review.

Ecclesiastical car insurance was originally founded in 1887 to provide insurance of various types to protect the church in case of loss. Today it has grown into a much larger organization to provide insurance, pensions, life assurance and also mortgages. They are an international organization with operations in Dublin, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. Ecclesiastical car insurance is owned by ALLChurches Trust limited, it is a registered charity and all profits that are available are distributed to subsidiary companies which support the church and the community.


Ecclesiastical Insurance
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Quote Line : 0800 336622

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