Diva Female Car Insurance

The Diva Female Car Insurance Company has a very good site with a lot of information to assist customers with everything from driving tips, to travelling with kids to buying a car and maintenance tips. Diva Female Car Insurance Company do not provide any contact information on their web site other than email. Customers can apply online for a quote and deal with the company over the Internet. Female drivers can also apply for breakdown cover and legal cover in addition to the standard comprehensive, fire and theft covers that most customers purchase for car insurance.

The Diva Female car insurance company was started as a unique service for women drivers to put them into the drivers seat. One of their objectives is to put women in the drivers seat for both motoring and motor sports. Women drivers tend to have less accidents and less expensive accidents. Premiums are calculated based on age, number of policies, the excess amount the gender and location were the majority of the driving will be done. Also the annual mileage, named drivers, no claims discounts, your profession, safety and security features, type of use, and vehicle type are factored into calculating your premium for car insurance.


If you decide that you want to proceed with a quote from Diva Female Car Insurance Company, customers need to assure themselves that they meet the criteria that are outlined on their web site. Customers must be a resident of the UK, the vehicle must be right hand drive, less than 30 years old, it is a standard model for sale in the UK, it is not a grey import, all known medical conditions have been notified to the DVLA, you do not carry more than 7 people in the car, and you have only one occupation.

This is a good site to spend some time on to familiarize yourself with the techniques for purchasing cars, safety advice when operating and storing a car and taking long journeys with the kids. Some of these ideas may help you decrease your car insurance cost even further.

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