Direct Choice Car Insurance

Direct Choice car insuranceoffers car insurance and motor insurance from a limited number of insurance undertakings. They have a state of the art computer system and call centre to support their customers allowing them to dispense with documentation and speed up the process of buying car insurance for the consumer in the UK.

Direct Choice Car insurance has many schemes to cover just about all the requirements that drivers in the UK may have. Customers with no claims to the driver in occupations that many car insurance companies regard with caution. They have many optional areas for coverage and their highly trained staff are standing by to provide you with all of the assistance you may require.


Consumers looking to purchase car insurance from Direct Choice car insurance will find that they ask a lot of questions. They do this to ensure that they completely understand your car insurance needs and can provide a quotation that meets your needs with the right coverage at a competitive price.

Once Direct Choice car insurance understands your car insurance requirements, they will canvas a number of car insurance companies to find you the right car insurance coverage package that fits your needs. Armed with the knowledge gained from all the questions, they can make sure that they find a car insurance policy that meets all of the legal and personal requirements while at the same time keeping the price as low as possible.

Many people try to arrange their car insurance on their own. Direct Choice car insurance has the expertise to do it for you and make sure you are covered properly. Once you receive a quotation you will be given a user name and password. Customers can then go online and retrieve their quotations to view them and make decisions about their quotes for car insurance.

Direct Choice Car insurance is part of the Taylor Price & Co organization. They are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, reference number 302288.


Direct Choice
Suffolk CB8 9FT

Contact Number: 08451 285 285

Monday to Friday
8:30am to 8:00pm
8:30am to 5:00pm
10:00am to 4:00pm




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