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Chaucer Insurance Car Insurance is the UK Motor Division of Chaucer Syndicates Limited. Chaucer Syndicates Limited one of the prominent Lloyd's Managing Agents. They manage over £700m of premium income; Originally formed in 1965, t hey are part of Chaucer Holdings PLC a publicly quoted company.

Chacer Mota-marque is the standard motor car insurance offered by Chaucer car insurance. Chaucer provides competitive rates and terms for car drivers in the 25 to 79 age group for car groups in 1 to 25. There are bonuese for company cars and for second cars. Chaucer will also insure drivers with previous claims and also who may have drink-drive convictions. Cars valued up to £40,000 will also be insured for comprehensive cover.


When you consider Chaucer car insurance, you may be offered protected no claims discounts, full cycle EDI, Euopean certificates for up to 90 day covers, re-instatement of cover following a full loss, multi vehicle covers and plain English mark on all policy literature. They also provide a copy of their policy summary in adobe acrobat for customers to download and study.

Chaucer also provides a broker development team. You can contact them at 01227 284720. If you are looking for car insurance call 0870 60 60 587.


Chaucer Insurance
Prospect House
Thanet Way
Whitstable, Kent CT5 3FD

Chaucer Insurance provides a map and excellent directions to get to their address if you decide you want to visit them.

Contact Number:

Main telephone number: 0870 60 60 587
Main fax number: 0870 24 14 891



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