Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral car insurance specializes in providing low cost car insurance for younger drivers, consumers living in urban cities and those driving performance cars. Ask for a free car insurance quote if any of these apply to you.

Admiral Insurance Services Limited is the service company that introduces business to a number of insurance carriers as listed on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.


Admiral car insurance, launched in 1993, with the objective of offering lower cost premiums to more consumers. Admiral is interested in consumers who currently pay high premiums, such as young drivers, performance car drivers, and consumers who live in cities or a combination of these different requirements!

They have a new online service that can give you a quote, which will be valid for 42 days. Answering their questions completely will ensure that their quote is accurate and reflects the range of the final quote. Based on the rough quote you can decide if you want to proceed with a full quote. If the rough quote sounds good, consumer can proceed straight to the full quote and purchase on line too!

You can also save your car insurance quote and come back to it at a later time to modify some of your inputs to the questions or to request a new quote for car insurance.


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