Prefinished Hardwood Floor

Installing a prefinished hardwood floor is probably one of the easiest things to do compared to previous years where you need to first install the hardwood and then sand and finish the hardwood to create the shiny look and feel that you are after. In fact prefinished hardwood floors are by far the majority of flooring that is installed today in homes.

Whether you install the prefinished hardwood floor yourself or have a professional install it, you can start in the morning and have your furniture in place in the evening. That's how quickly and efficient the flooring is for consumers who want to install hardwood flooring.

Another major advantage of prefinished hardwood floors is that there are multiple colors and stains that can be purchased. Choose something that matches your decor that will last the test of time with regard to interior design fashion and furniture selection. In addition, consumers can be confident of a consistent color or stain across their entire prefinished hardwood floor, however be sure to select your wood from the same dye lot.



Although prefinished hardwood floor material can be purchased and installed ready to use quickly, there is one area that many people may not realize that they need to be prepared for.

Installing prefinshed hardwood flooring in a new a house is not a problem. All dust, shavings etc will be cleaned up before you move in. Unfortunately if you are installing flooring into an existing home, all of the dust from the time your home was constructed and also while you have been living in your home will be stirred up and find its way into everything.

Consumers should remove as much as possible before hand, but no matter how much you vacuum, there still will be dust clouds as the floor is being layed. Still, in the end, you will love your prefinished hardwood floor when it is finished and the house is back to normal!

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