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This site is dedicated to providing general information that consumers need when considering installing Hardwood Floors in their homes.

Many new homeowners as well as homeowners replacing existing flooring compare installing carpet vs. hardwood flooring strictly from a cost issue and in most cases wall to wall carpet will be the winner in every case, with the exception of very high end expensive carpeting. If price is the main issue for you, then the most appropriate approach is to select the carpet and hardwood floor covering you would prefer and request a quote from several flooring companies to allow you to compare bids and installation cost. There are of course low end and high end products in both types of flooring. Select your grade of flooring from the many products available when requesting your quotes. You can then decide which floor covering hardwood floor or carpet best fits your budget.

Readers can develop a chart that lists the variables that are important to them and indicate which ones are important to them to assist in the decision.

Noise – Carpets are very quiet to walk on, absorbing almost 100% of the sound and they also absorb much of the sound from other noise sources such as TV or radio sounds that carry through the home. Hardwood floors on the other hand will not absorb the sound and can be very noisy when someone walks on them especially with shoes. They do not absorb the sound from other devices such as a TV or Radio.

Cleaning – Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to prevent the microscopic amounts of dirt to penetrate into the weave. Rug shampooing should also be done on a regular basis. Hardwood floors on the other hand can be vacuumed easily and damp mopped. In both cases the exhaust from your vacuum should really be blown outside to avoid microscopic particles from being just redistributed through out the home


Liquids – Liquid spills can have dramatic effects on carpets especially if they stain. In most cases with water spills, the water can be easily absorbed with cloth towels and the rest can dry over time. Extended dampness may cause the formation of mildew. Hardwood flooring on the other hand should have all spills cleaned up immediately. While they are very resistant to stains, prolonged exposure to moisture can cause discoloration and expansion, even warping of the hardwood.

Warmth – Carpets are very warm to the touch especially in colder climates, were, hardwood floors will feel quite cold. The impact of cold hardwood floors can be minimized by placing area rugs in strategic places.

Lifecycle – Carpets can last 10 to 15 years or longer in some cases depending on the care, maintenance and amount of traffic that is placed on it. Carpet will tend to matt over time and be more and more difficult to return it to that clean new installed look. Hardwood floors with appropriate maintenance and care can last a lifetime. Again depending on the amount of traffic, you may have to sand and refinish the floor every 10 to 15 years, however you will not have to replace it unless there is severe damage from moisture or prolonged heavy traffic

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