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So you have decided that you want to install a hardwood floor. You have just received your first estimate and are suffering from sticker shock from the cost estimate to place a hardwood floor in your home. What most people do not realize is that there are parts of a hardwood floor that are more expensive than others and it is important to identify these especially if your are cost conscious.

For example one of the most expensive portions of a hardwood floor is the stairs. Most people will want to continue their hardwood floor up the stairs and into the upstairs hallway and bedrooms. Even a straight stair is more expensive, while a stairway that is curved will drive up the cost considerably. So if you are at all counting your pennies, consider leaving the stairs covered in carpet that blends well with the hardwood floor that you have placed in other areas of your home.



Another significant cost area is the labor that is required to install your hardwood floor. Floors that are rectangular, with lots of straight stretches are easy to install. Floors with lots of doorways, curves or fancy patterns just take longer to install due to the cutting and fitting that is required. Take this aspect into account when you are making decisions about the design of your hardwood floor.

The final aspect we want to mention is whether to install pre-finished hardwood flooring or to install hardwood floor that must be finished after installation. This is very much a pricing issue and consumers should obtain several quotes before they make a decision. However there is one other critical issue. A pre-finished hardwood floor can be installed rapidly and be finished in several days or less, while a natural hardwood floor is going to take several weeks due to installation, sanding and finishing activities.

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