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Bellawood has over 85 showrooms across the country with many Bellawood hardwood floor options for you to choose from. Bellawood is headquartered in Toano , Virginia and has one of the most advanced state of the art facilities in the business. All of their Bellawood hardwood floor runs go through extensive testing including the: Nickel test; cross sectional test; film weight test and the gloss test.

The Bellawood hardwood floor factor stocks between 1.5 million and 2 million square feet of Bellawood hardwood floor covering material at any time to ensure prompt delivery to showrooms and to customers around the country. They provide a learning center for anyone who is thinking about installing Bellawood hardwood floors in their homes and need to know more about installing Bellawood hardwood flooring, maintenance, radiant heating and the 50 year warranty.


The Bellawood hardwood floor web site offers discounts on various products that they may be overstock on, they advertise shipping anywhere in the world and the accept all of the major credit cards for payment of your Bellawood hardwood floor order. .

Maintenance of any Bellawood hardwood floor requires 8 simple steps which include: sweeping regularly; avoid sand and water on your Bellawood hardwood floor; don't damp mop;wipe spills immediately; never use wax; use felt pads under furniture;avoid wearing high heels on your floor;protect your floor against sunlight. You can read more on their web site about this and other Bellawood hardwood floor products.

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