Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Taking on the job of refinishing your hardwood floors can take time and hard work, but when done properly a good refinishing job can be well worth the effort. The ability of hardwood to be restored to its original beauty is one of its great properties that should be taken advantage of. You will want to be prepared before attacking this project so here are some tips on refinishing hardwood floor.

From beginning to end, refinishing hardwood floor can be broken down into many steps that are usually spread out over a few days of work. First, you will want to make sure you are dealing with true hardwood and not flooring made from engineered wood. Also, check that there is at least 1/8” of wood above the tongue by removing a ventilation grate or threshold from a doorway and inspecting the boards. If this is not the case, refinishing hardwood floor here will not be possible and will have to be left or replaced.



Necessary tools for the job include a belt sanding machine, edge sander and floor buffer which you should rent or borrow before beginning. Prepare the room before refinishing hardwood floor by removing everything inside including vents and grills then cover doorways and vents with plastic sheeting. Begin sanding the floor along the wood grain in smooth even strokes beginning with the coarsest paper (36 grit) and move to finer paper sequentially (36, 60, 80, 100). Repeat this with the edge sander until you are satisfied with the look.

Applying stain and finish are the last steps in refinishing hardwood floor. Ensure the floor is clean and dry before applying your stain in even strokes along the grain with a brush for darker color, or rags for a lighter look. Ensure you have proper ventilation. Allow this to dry before applying the well mixed polyurethane finish in the same technique with a brush or roller. Apply as many coats as you think are necessary and then you are done.

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