Tips on Installing Hardwood Floor

Installing hardwood floor is a great way to improve the look of any room. The natural look of hardwood is a beautiful addition to any home that can be enjoyed and cherished for many years, but installation of new flooring requires some work. With organization and planning along with some carpentry skill, you can succeed in installing hardwood floor and begin to enjoy everything hardwood flooring has to offer.

Before you begin to lay down the new floor boards it is important to store them indoors for a few days to expand or contract and adjust to the new environment. Ensure that you have all the necessary tools for installing hardwood floor, including a floor-nailer along with miter and jamb saws. Begin the project by covering the clean, level sub-floor with a layer of asphalt felt and overlap the edges by a few inches. Fix the felt down with a staple gun, keeping the surface as smooth as you can. Then make measurements at various points in the room to draw a chalk centerline parallel to the starting wall. It is also helpful to mark the position of floor joists on the felt as well. Another line should be marked out about ½ inch from the starting wall to set the edge of the first row of flooring.


Actually installing hardwood floor now begins at the starting wall with the widest planks or longest boards. Drill pilot holes for 1 ½ inch finishing nails where the nail-heads will be covered and face-nail the first row into the floor joists and recess the nails with a nail set. For the next 3 rows drill pilot holes at 45 degree angles in the tongues at 10 inch intervals and at the joists and ends. Again fasten with finishing nails and set them with the nail set after ensuring the board is tight against the previous row.

For the remaining rows you can use the floor nailer while being careful not to damage the floor. The final row should be wedged tightly into place while drilling pilot holes at the edge where the nails will be covered and set the nails below the surface.Installing hardwood floor in your new and improved room is now complete. You can now enjoy all the natural beauty and durability of hardwood.

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