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Hardwood floors provide a distinctive look to your home and are probably the first thing guests will notice when they come to visit. The importance of your floors looking their best means you should spend time to choose the right hardwood floor stain. Also you should know how to apply the hardwood floor stain properly to bring out the beauty in the wood. Here is some information about hardwood floor stain and applying it to your floors.

When searching for hardwood floor stain, you will find that they come in all sorts of colors. This means you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a stain to match with your wood furnishings or one that suits your overall decorating style. Also, the variety of stains available can come in handy when it comes to repairing scratches or water spots on your floors. You can find a hardwood floor stain chart from any hardware store and match this against your floors at home.



When you have your stain chosen it is important that you know how to apply it properly to avoid blotches. Most people choose oil based stains because they are easy to handle and apply. When you apply the stain make sure to work in a well ventilated area and keep all ignition sources away from your work area. Apply the stain with the wood grain with a rag making sure to apply an even coating. It is often helpful to have someone work with you to wipe away excess stain often. Also you should change rags regularly.

With the right selection of hardwood floor stain and care in application, you will have your hardwood floors looking their best. Once you have completed your project take some time to appreciate the natural beauty and charm of your hardwood floor.


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