Installing Flooring Using a Hardwood Floor Nailer

Hardwood flooring really does add beauty to any home. Along with this, the durable surface will last a lifetime and is a great investment. Installing a hardwood floor can take a little hard work but some planning and tools, like a hardwood floor nailer, will make the job much easier. Here is a little information about hardwood installation and the necessary tools to get the job done right.

Anyone who has worked with wood before knows that humidity and moisture cause expansion. For this reason, it is important to accustom your floor boards to their new environment by storing them indoors for a few days. This will give you a little time to prepare the work area and make sure you have all the right tools. When you are installing hardwood over a large area, a hardwood floor nailer is essential to save time and effort. Ensuring a level, clean and dry sub-floor area is also a must. Mark the position of floor joists, the room centerline and a line marking the edge of the first boards along your starting wall on the vapor barrier you have laid down ahead of time. About 3/4 inch of expansion space should be left between the starting wall and the first row of boards. Then you are ready to begin.


The first row of boards can be fixed into place by either using nails about 1 inch from the side of the starting wall or glued into place at six inch intervals. The glue used should allow for the natural expansion of the wood. This first row is also held into place with nails driven into the tongue at 45 degree angles. Some people prefer to do this first row by hand but you can use the hardwood floor nailer if you prefer.

Subsequent boards should be fixed into place and secured using the hardwood floor nailer. Always check for proper alignment along the way. Continue this until you reach the last few boards which should be secured by hand since the hardwood floor nailer will not be able to be used that close to a wall. After all this you will now be able to enjoy your beautiful new hardwood flooring.


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