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An integral part of resurfacing or refinishing hardwood floors is sanding. To remove gouges and scratches, and to bring out the true beauty of your floors, sanding is necessary. With such large surfaces to cover, hardwood floor sanders are the only way to refinish your floors. Here is some information regarding hardwood floor sanders along with some tips on their operation for those interested in taking on the task.

Hardwood floor sanders come in many shapes and forms and each will perform their task in a different way. You will find drum sanders, belt sanders, orbital sanders and disc sanders. Along with this there are still edge sanders to deal with not to mention the sand paper itself. These machines are helpful tools when used properly, however if placed in the hands on someone lacking experience they can cause more harm than good.


The most common of all the hardwood floor sanders is the drum sander. These sanders are meant to get right down to the bare wood and they do a good job. One problem with the power of drum sanders is that if you are not careful you can sand a groove in your floor. This means you should have some previous experience with the machine before you try it out on your expensive hardwood floor. Remember to use these sanders in the direction of the wood grain. Belt Sanders are the next most seen of the hardwood floor sanders and are somewhat easier to use. These sanders do however require control and strength in order to do the job well. Orbital Sanders and disc sanders are more suitable for small jobs or for sanding specific areas. These however are known for their tendency to leave circular marks in the floor.

With hardwood floor sanders, everything comes down to what you feel comfortable with and what you are capable of handling. Gaining experience before you use the sanders on your floors is highly recommended since a good sanding job will revive your floors and add value to your home.

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