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Electric Vs. Acoustic Guitars
By Anne

There are a lot of people wondering which is the best way to learn playing guitar, on electric guitars, or acoustic guitars?  However, the answer to this question is a more complicated than "electric is best", or "acoustic is best". In order to find a good answer for this question we need to begin by analyzing both electric and acoustic guitars, and what makes them different.

Acoustic guitars

The instrument usually comes to mind when people think about "guitars". Acoustic guitars are hollow and generally have a so called "sound hole". Generally have six strings, although there are some types that have 12 strings. The strings produce a rather loud sound when stroke. Acoustic guitars are usually associated with folk music, and "mellow" music, but the truth is that they can be used in all styles of music, from country to blues to heavy metal.

Classical guitars look very similar to acoustic guitars, but they have several distinct differences. Standard acoustic guitars have six steel strings while classical guitars have three nylon strings and three steel ones. This sound produced is a little different than the acoustic one. The neck of the classical guitar is also a little broader. If you are not interested in specializing in classical music, this style of guitar should probably not be your primary choice for a first instrument.

Electric guitars

Most electric guitars are not hollow and when you strike the strings the sound produced is not very loud. For projecting the sound of electric guitars you need amplifiers. Beginners usually consider electric guitars to be more confusing than the


acoustic ones as there are more buttons to deal with and more things that can go wrong. However, electric guitars are generally easier to play than acoustic ones as their strings are lighter, and easier to press down. One of the most important considerations is that when choosing what type of guitar to learn on, is what type of music will be played on the instrument. If you're rock fan and want to learn to play rock guitar buying an electric guitar is the best choice. It is important to note that together with the electrical guitar you will also need to purchase synthesizers, mixers, and amplifiers if you are looking to obtain the best sound. If you are on a strict budget you can look for stores that rent this equipment.

With the guitar it is the same as with other instruments like drums or keyboard instruments, some people get discouraged if they donít see quick results. If you think you are like this electric Guitars may be the instruments for you to start on as they have smaller bodies, smaller necks, and it's much easier to press down the strings. It is much quicker and easier to learn the basics on an electric guitar, although this one can seem more complicated because of its many buttons and knobs.

Also, you may not want to pay a whole lot for your first guitar, especially if you're not even sure if playing guitar is something you will stick with. From this respect acoustic guitars are more often the choice for a first instrument as they are definitely less expensive.


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