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Electric , Classical , Acoustic - Which Guitar Is Best For You?
By David Arnold Livingston, Fri Dec 9th

No one could really pinpoint the exact year as to when theguitar was created. The lute, harp and lyre are the threestringed instruments from which guitars evolved. The features ofguitars vary for each musical period. The guitar is one of themost popular musical instruments today to bring out soothingmusic or to perk up one's energy level. Bands and gigs will notbe complete without guitars. guitars are also used as a means tofree hidden and unexpressed feelings and emotions or it can aswell be a medium to spend time meaningfully together with lovedones and peers.

There are various types of guitars that can suit the intendedpurpose of the user such as the twelve strings guitars, sixstrings, classical guitars and electric guitars. Twelve stringsmade up the twelve strings guitar to achieve a rich tonecompared with the standard six string guitars. The courses ofstrings are played together though the sound produced aredifferent from the other. On the bass course are two stringstuned an octave apart and on the treble courses are the otherpairs of strings that are tuned together. The third string inthe third course can be tuned by using unison strings or thedistinct high-pitched octave Guitars strings. The style ofstandard six string guitars can allow the user to have easycontact on the higher frets on the finger board. This type needsan access on the frets to produce the desired sounds andeffects.

Classical Guitars of the olden days have cat gut which later ondeveloped into nylon strings. These types of guitars have a flatfingerboard and wide neck. Other guitars experts suggest thatclassical guitars are the best types for beginners since it hasgreater string gauge and lighter string tension but still thedecision is on the buyer since the classic guitar may not suittheir preferences


and style. Classic songs and music are bestplayed using classical guitars.

Electric guitars are made up of different materials and usevarious components to produce the needed sound. Alder, Mahogany,Walnut, Maple and Ash are the commonly used types for the bodyof electric guitars. The woods and the construction, the typesof strings, quality of components used, length of cables and theoverall condition of the environment determine the quality ofthe sound produced. Electric guitars are used in various formsand styles of music may it be pop, country, rock and roll, jazzor blues.

In buying guitars, the user must make sure that the chosenguitar will match his budget, playing style and skills. Anelectric guitar is easier to play compared with an acousticguitar. Acoustic guitars can produce audible sounds withoutusing amplifiers. It makes use of either the nylon or woundsteel rings. There are also acoustic and electric guitars thatcan be played with the presence or absence of an amplifier.

Package deals are at times offered for beginners which mayinclude a guitar together with other options like a tuner, pics,strap and case. The soundboard of the Guitars must be carefullyinspected to determine the type of sound produced. Producers ofgood quality guitars are usually the well-known companies in theindustry like Taylor, Gibson, Yamaha, Fender, Ovation, Martinand Ibanez. There are wide selections of style and design tochoose from to match the buyer's distinctness and uniqueness


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