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"the Truth About Diamond Simulants"
By Robert Palmer
There is a large amount of talk about diamond simulants, with all of the discussion you will also find much misinformation, misleading information, and unfortunately a large amount of dishonesty. Smart jewelry shoppers today should make sure and know the difference and not be fooled by those who “claim” to sell “man made diamonds”, “synthetic diamonds”, “lab created diamonds” when they are actually selling Cubic Zirconia. I was astonished, amazed, but most of all appalled at how many companies say there are selling man made diamonds, lab created diamonds, synthetic diamonds"); are actually selling cubic zirconia. While I am new the internet business Signature Diamond & Gems, I am not at all new to the jewelry industry and for the live of me I cannot figure out what all the deceit is for, smart jewelry shopping deserve the truth about the product they are purchasing but most of all deserve a quality product for money well spent.
The perplexity of all of these variances can leave even the smart seasoned jewelry shopper a little dazed and confused. You the smart shopper who is interested the huge savings, stunning beauty, and quality product should consider investing in a simulated diamond gemstone also known as a cubic zirconia set in a "quality" setting that enhances the beauty of the stone.
What about a new couple just starting out? What about single parent family? What about middle class family with the everyday task of making ends meet with kids, school, groceries, insurance just to name a few. Shouldn't everyone be able to allow themselves of the luxury of purchasing a quality piece of jewelry while saving thousands at the same time. Are you one of these people or do you know anyone who falls into one of these categories? Well you are actually hearing from one now, for 14 years I worked for one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in the United States and it was then I realize that I could own beautiful pieces of quality jewelry set with diamond simulant gemstones and no one person every knew the difference unless I decided to share my best kept secret. I also realized that I wanted to share my knowledge and story with others and offer a quality product and everyone can afford and enjoy which is why I created my website
I recently married and I currently and very proudly wear a exquisite custom made 14KW antique style wedding ring which


has a 2 1/2 carat princess cut center stone and .85 carat pear shape stones on each side which my husband; a certified master jeweler has designed for me. Weather I am shopping, running errands, eating out , or sitting with a client there not a day that goes by that someone is totally star struck by my ring and yet not one person has ever asked it if a cubic!
The information below is geared to assist you in being a smart jewelry shopper and help in making a good decisions when making your next investment.
A synthetic stone is considered to be real in the properties of the stone it is in likeness too, but the stone was not created in nature. A simulant can be naturally or synthetically created, but its properties are not similar to the stone it is imitating.

A stone with the appearance of diamond is called a diamond simulant. Naturally or synthetically created white sapphire, glass, colorless quartz (rock crystal), rutile - natural and synthetic -, yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), strontium titanite, cubic zirconia, and moissanite are all diamond simulants.

Cubic zirconia is the most abundant diamond simulant. Its likeness to diamond cannot be detected without proper instruments.

As a lab-created stone, cubic zirconia has come far in its development. Although naturally transparent, elements can be added during the manufacturing process to change its color within a wide range. Of all stones, only diamond, ruby, sapphire, and chrysoberyl are more hard than cubic zirconia, which rates at 8.5 on the mohs scale.

-A great many, popularly known cubic zirconia productions are done in Russia.

-Of all diamond replica stones, cubic zirconia is the most successful in likeness to diamond.

-Only diamond, ruby, sapphire, and chrysoberyl are harder than cubic zirconia on the mohs scale – cubic zirconia rates at 8.5.

-Cubic zirconia has a reflective index of 2.15 while diamond is 2.41.

-Trace elements can be added to cubic zirconia to produce a range of colors in its naturally transparent state.