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Moissanite Jewellery, Do They Match Diamonds?
By David G. Petten
Moissanite is a crystal, originally found inside a meteorite, which is today created in a specialist lab to produce a gem which is virtually identical to a diamond. Created out of silicon and carbon using a thermal process, Moissanite can be cut into the familiar patterns of gems, and set into metals the same as any other kind of crystal. Since they are man made, Moissanite bracelets and other jewellery are a lot cheaper than items made with traditional gemstones such as diamonds.

It is common to see Moissanite items compared with similar diamond jewellery; Moissanite wedding bands, for example, are often described as replacements for the traditional diamond ring. In fact, the crystal is very popular in its own right, being worn by both movie stars and catwalk models. The natural fire of Moissanite has attracted these celebrities, and a Moissanite bracelet looks as good as a diamond one. In fact, a platinum Moissanite ring is likely to have a better shine and lustre than a typical diamond, while still looking natural. Unlike Gem replacements such as cubic zirconia, moissanite jewellery actually has colour, which means that it does not have the fake, Christmas-cracker look of diamond replacement items. There are many good reasons to buy Moissanite.

A Moissanite bracelet will be about the tenth of the price of a similar diamond bracelet, and the Moissanite is unlikely to


fade in time. Moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond, and this scratch-resistance and durability means that it in the long term it is also cheaper than many of the fake Diamonds"); on offer. Moissanite has a higher refractive content than a diamond, and this gives it the shine and brilliance which attracts many people to this gem. Moissanite actually has more fire and brilliance than a real diamond, and because it contains a slight amount of colour, even jewellers find it hard to tell the difference through appearance alone. Moissanite jewels can be cut into any gemstone cut, and from there mounted on any metal items, looking exactly like the much more expensive diamond encrusted jewellery. There is no reason, therefore, why a woman should not wear Moissanite bracelets or jewellery, assured that her items will not look fake, nor fade or loose value with time.

As a fashion statement, or a perfect accessory, Moissanite can match diamonds"); for glitz, glamour and sustainability whatever the occasion.

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