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The Value Of Diamonds
By Arsne Bergkamp..
The hardest substance on earth, diamonds"); are universally admired for their clarity and sophistication. If you want to crack her heart open to you, you could do worse than diamond jewelry.

Diamond encrusted jewelry carries all kinds of symbolic statements. The symbols range from commitment to a person to the willingness to spend some money on them. After all, Diamonds"); are not cheap.

But why do we have these symbolic images associated with diamonds? The answer lies in the nature of the diamond itself. To better understand the fuss about diamonds, we need to focus on how they come to be.

Diamonds are also unique in their creation. They are the only gem created from one element. The element is carbon. Although carbon is common, it is rare in diamond form.

To understand diamonds, you have to first understand carbon. It is the building block of practically everything on the planet. In its pure form, it is not clear or hard.

A diamond is a creation of the inner workings of our planet. In simple terms, we are talking about heat and pressure. Carbon pockets within the planet crust are put under tremendous pressure and heat for millions of years. The result is a clear, hard substance that needs a name.

Diamonds get their name from the Greeks. It seems the Greeks named everything some times! In this case, the name comes from the word “adamas”, which means unconquerable.

We find diamonds"); in areas that were geographically active. The pressure


and heating happens deep in the earth. The only way we can find them is when they are pushed up through the crust during volcanic activity.

Diamonds are exceedingly old. The heating and pressure process can take millions of years. Most diamonds"); used in jewelry are between one and three billion years old.

Over 80 percent of diamonds"); mined are useless for jewelry purposes. They simply do not meet the exacting requirements. Instead, they are used in industrial situations such as saws and lasers.

Oddly, diamonds"); have not been used in jewelry for that long of a period given the time span of man. Despite all the kings and queens of the past, Diamonds"); were only first used in royal jewelry in Austria in the 15th century. Obviously, they have become a bit more popular since then.

The vary nature of diamonds"); is what gives them value. The age associated with them is incredible. Throw in the fact they are nearly impossible to break and you have the perfect gem for jewelry. An unbreakable commitment of time.

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