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Solar Panel


About Solar Energy Panels
By Peter Lenkefi, Fri Dec 9th

What is a solar energy panel?

A solar energy panel collects energy from the sunlight andconverts it into direct current (DC) electricity. Two oppositelycharged slices of silicon are placed together below a piece ofglass and as the protons in the sunlight knock the negativelycharged neutrons away from the silicon the electric fieldcreated by the two adjoining pieces of silicon attract theneutron. Small pieces of wire catch the neutrons and when theyconnect they create direct current electricity. The wiresconnect to an inverter that changes the direct current (DC) intoalternating current (AC) that we use in our homes.

Solar panels, known as photovoltaic (literally meaning“electricity from sunlight”) are placed on the roof of yourhouse, the roof of your garage or even as stand alone panels inyour garden. Government grants are freely available to help payfor the panels and installation so do a little research and findout what you’re entitled to.

Domestic uses for solar panels.

A quick glance around your local gardening or home improvementstore will show you that the amount and quality of solar poweredgoods are increasing. Garden lighting, water features and muchmore are now readily available powered by the sun but therereally is so much more that solar power and solar panels canoffer. If you’ve got a swimming pool you can


heat that, or youcan heat your hot water boiler with only a couple of solarpanels or, alternatively, you may be considering powering yourentire house with the rays of the sun.

PV roof tiles are not only available but also much moreaffordable than you probably think. If it’s time to replace yourroof or you’re considering having it retiled for any reason thenPV tiles are a much more viable alternative and after a year ortwo they will have undoubtedly made up the slight increase incost you may face for the initial purchase and fitting. You needvery little room in your house and fitting a grid tie systemmeans you can sell surplus energy to the grid; all in all if youhave full roof solar panels you can expect to reduce your annualenergy cost by 75% to 100%. That’s a big saving, especially ifyou were only considering solar in order to try and do your bitto save the environment.

Can I buy solar panels anywhere?

Most electronics stores and garden or home improvement stores orwill stock solar powered goods at the very least; find the rightstore and they will sell everything you need. If you don’t knowwhat you’re doing with electronics it is highly advisable thatyou seek professional guidance, and a quick search on theInternet or a flick through your phone book will find severaldistributors and fitters of PV tiles and grid tie systems.

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