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Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Gas
By Jeremy Zongker
With gas prices across the nation at or near all time highs driving is becoming increasingly expensive. Everyone is looking for a way to save a little money on gas. Because of this, we have comprised a list of five very practical steps you can take to significantly increase your gas mileage.

5. Check your tire pressure. Under inflated tires will not only cause you to go through tires more quickly, but it can also cost you gas mileage. For every 1 PSI under-inflated your tires are you loose 0.4% gas mileage. If your tires are 5 pounds under-inflated, your loosing 2% of your gas mileage.

4. Maintain a steady speed. Accelerating uses more gas than maintaining your current speed, and every time you brake, youíre wasting the momentum you have burned gas to build up. By anticipating traffic and avoiding constant acceleration and deceleration, especially in stop and go traffic you can significantly reduce gas consumption and increase the life of your car.

3. Get a tune up. Regular maintenance will help your care run better, last longer, and can improve your gas mileage up to 25%.

2. Use the octane level your


vehicle manufacture recommends. If your car does not require higher octane gas, donít buy it. Many people believe that buying the premium gas will make their car run better but in reality is can make your engine run too hot and do more harm than good. By decreasing from premium to regular unleaded you can save 20 cents or more per gallon.

1. Use a credit card to save on gas. There are many credit cards available that will pay you between 5-8% cash back on gas purchases. There are even cards that will give you rewards points for every mile you drive in your car. By using these benefits to your advantage you can save $0.15 - $0.25 cents per gallon on gas.

All content published on this web site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of professional before making any decisions.