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The antenna in our cell phones have become smaller and smaller, while at the same time the electronics have improved immensely to provides us with cellular coverage almost every where we go. Unfortunately there are still many locations where our cell phones just do not work or they drop calls in the middle of your important call. In general the further away you are from a cellular transmitter, the weaker the signal will be and if you are inside a building, the signal is often weaker still due to the attenuation of the signal as it passes through the building.

Weak cell phone signals can be in your won home, or your office and it can be quite aggravating especially when you really need to speak with someone. Your cell phone antenna just cannot capture enough signal and your cell phone just cannot amplify it enough to overcome these drop calls and no network signal. There is a solution fortunately to improving the signal level in your home or in your office



Consumers and business people can now purchase cell phone repeaters for installation in their homes or office. Basically you install a receiver somewhere out side and point it towards the closest cell phone tower. Another unit is installed inside the home or office and the two are connected by a coaxial cable to minimize loss between the two units. Customers will find that their signal strength as displayed on their cell phones increases as soon as you install and turn one of these units on. The indoor unit amplifies the signal and provides a strong enough signal for your cell phones antenna to capture.

Not all locations will work since in some locales the signal is just too weak or non-existent. If your cell phone is displaying a network signal and you only get one or two bars, chances are you will be able to improve your signal and your calling. Spotwave wireless is one of the companies that sell such products for consumers and residences as well as business customers. Check them out you may be able to improve your service today.


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