Cell Phone Boosters

There are many different cell phone booster products available on the market to help customers boost the signal strength of their cell phones and increase the likely hood of receiving a phone call and not dropping a call in the middle of a conversation. Many consumers find that their homes or offices are locations where the signal is weak and they cannot receive calls or make calls unless they go out side. The reason for this is that the construction of your house or office dampens the signal and makes an already weak signal even weaker.

These consumers can benefit from cell phone boosters, which captures the cell phone signal from your local mobile carrier, amplifies the signal and then rebroadcasts the signal inside your home or office. With cell phone boosters and cell amplifiers, customers can comfortably make and receive calls in their homes and offices without worrying about loosing that all important call.


Consumers can do a simple test to see what happens when the go inside their homes and offices to see if a cell phone booster might be the answer to your needs. When you are outside, examine the signal strength displayed on your cell phone. Count the number of bars that are displayed under the cell phone signal strength icon. Now go inside and do the same thing to see if the signal strength has decreased or not. If it has, your signal is being dampened by the building and you probably could use a cell phone booster of some sort to boost your signal.

There are a number of companies that provide this service, including equipment as well as installation. You can search for them on the web or simply go to Spotwave dot com to view the products that are offered by this company. They have products available for both consumers as well as businesses that will cover from 500 to 100,000 square feet at reasonable prices. Anyone who is running an office out of their home and has poor cell phone coverage will immediately benefit from having one of their adaptive repeaters in their homes.


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