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There are many reasons why our cell phones drop calls and fail to make a call when we are inside buildings. The reasons can be many, however essentially the construction materials in your building are usually blocking or attenuating the signal. One solution is to use a phone antenna booster that captures the signal outdoors, amplifies it and retransmits the signal indoors. There are several products on the market that provide this sort of capability to enhance cellular, PCS, 1XRTT and EVDO signals. Consumers can do a simple test to see what happens when the go inside their homes and offices to see if a phone antenna booster might be the answer to your needs. When you are outside, examine the signal strength displayed on your cell phone. Count the number of bars that are displayed under the cell phone signal strength icon. Now go inside and do the same thing to see if the signal strength has decreased or not. If it has, your signal is being dampened by the building and you probably could use a cell phone antenna booster of some sort to boost your signal.

There are companies offering products that improve indoor wireless communications for homes, businesses and commercial buildings, that are economic and meet the needs of their customers.


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