Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting can make a huge difference in the cost of both heating and cooling your home in the winter and summer months. Applying a reflective window tinting material to the inside of your windows reduces both the UV and Infrared rays that penetrate your home. Infrared rays of course are what can heat your home to unbearable levels and cause your air conditioning levels to sky rocket.

Another major advantage of using residential window tinting on your windows is that it cuts down on the fading of furniture fabrics and floor materials. Instead of that washed out look after a few years, your furniture will retain that new look for a much longer time frame. In addition to protection from sunlight, residential window tinting also provides a level of security, allowing you to see out, but passersby cannot see inside.

There are many window tinting shops that specialize in applying tinting material to residential windows. There are lots of choices for colors, designs and thickness of the tint material that will be applied to your windows. The thickness as well as the color will determine the amount of light that penetrates through the windows. Care must be taken in the application of the window tinting material.

Residential window tinting film that is not applied properly may bubble and peel leaving a mess on your windows which makes it difficult to see through as well as making your home look unprofessional and messy. Professionals will always follow proper application procedures and provide you with a warranty. When you are considering a tint shop, always ask for references to examine the work they have completed for other customers. Your windows must be clean and free of all dirt and specs, to avoid any possibility of bubbling and peeling.


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