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AMRC 220 Repeater
The Alford Memorial 220 Repeater was originally put on the air in 1992 for use by novice operators that did not have priviledges on the 2 m band. ...


220 Repeater Photo Page
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At the last meeting we entertained the idea of acquiring Rogers 440 repeater to replace the 220 repeater. Roger has applied or a 440 frequency pair for ...
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Ted Brought up the idea of not doing any more work on the 220 repeater that is at Canton Collage roof. It’sa fact that the machine is not used as we had ...
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W7AIA, Club Activites
For now, we may use the club’s 443.925 machine to see how it goes, but the Board has approved the construction of a new 220 repeater in Vancouver for this ...

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