2 Meter Repeater


The KI7DX 6 Meter Repeater
The 6 meter repeater antenna atop Farnsworth Peak ... however: 6 meter antennas are quite a bit larger than their 2 meter counterparts. 6 meter operation is ...
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Appalachian Trail 2 Meter Repeater Guide v1.1
I doubt the whole AT is covered by 2 meter repeaters. ... GEORGIA Appalachian Trail 2 meter repeaters (S->N) by N1MJD v1.2 Town Frequency Callsign ...


New York Metro Area Amateur 2 Meter Repeaters
table of 2 meter ham repeaters in NYC/LI area. ... This page started when there was no comprehensive 2 meter repeater directory online for the NY City area. ...
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Idaho, Nevada & Utah 2-Meter Amateur Radio Repeaters
Contains a list of 2-Meter Amateur Radio repeaters that usually can be received by the Salt Lake City receiving site receiver.
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Standard 2-Meter Amateur Radio Repeater Input Frequency Offsets
Contains a table showing standard ham radio 2-meter repeater input frequency offsets from output frequencies.
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Cross Band Repeating
A cross band repeater is implemented using a dual band 2 meter - 70 cm radio. ... The Bozo 2 meter repeater was used for communications supporting the bike ...

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